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Nina Perry : Family Service Counselor

Nina Perry

Family Service Counselor

Nina moved to Nashville in 2013 to pursue a career in the funeral planning business. Nina knew from experience that she wanted to help families understand their options and pre-plan for the one thing in life that is inevitable. She loves the people she meets every day and her goal is to work smarter, not harder. Nina’s motto: “Slow down and make memories because when life gets hard you can always lose yourself in the precious ones and survive until you get to make more.”

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Ben Upton : Director of Sales

Ben Upton

Director of Sales

Our VP Advance Planning is responsible for managing our Family Service Counselors to ensure families are able to make cemetery, cremation and funeral arrangements in advance. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Ben knows the importance of being prepared.

Ben has extensive experience in the profession and believes making funeral, cremation, or cemetery decisions does not have to be a difficult process. He knows the advance planning process allows you to express your wishes and relieve your loved ones of this future emotional and financial burden. This makes it one of the greatest gifts you can give our family.

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